Project Description

Poster & flyer Psychotic Art Exhibition (2010)

Henk Mooibroek ( organised this Psychotic Art Exhibition at de Cantine in Amsterdam and asked me to be part of it. At the time I did a lot of pshycobilly related poster and flyer designs for the – now defunct – venue de Goudvishal in Arnhem.
It was a honor to have my work displayed next to Peter Pontiac. Talked with him for a while at the opening, great and inspiring artist (RIP Peter). I was glad I was the one who was asked to design the posters and flyers for this!

Year: 2007
Subject: Psychotic Art Exhibition – De Cantine, Amsterdam:
Sol Rac, David Vicente, Paskal, Lucky Phil, Peter Pontiac, Von Bartmann, Sly Masmeijer, Norman Winter, Danny Bakker, Boom, Moniek Wildenberg
Work done: Illustration, lay-out and design