Show poster Amenra / Callisto / Transmission0 (2007) 2016-10-03T14:17:22+00:00

Project Description

[tagline_box backgroundcolor=”” shadow=”no” shadowopacity=”0.7″ border=”1px” bordercolor=”” highlightposition=”top” content_alignment=”left” link=”” linktarget=”_self” modal=”” button_size=”” button_shape=”” button_type=”” buttoncolor=”” button=”” title=”” description=”” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ animation_offset=”” class=”” id=””]Show poster Amenra / Callisto / Transmission0 (2007)

One of the many flyer/poster designs I did for Amsterdam Underground Collective. I believe in the end Amenra cancelled and Callisto became the headliner with Daily Fire (NL) and Karaktermood (NL) added instead of Transmission0.

Client: Amsterdam Underground Collective
Year: 2007
Subject: Amenra (BE), Callisto (FIN), Transmission0 (NL)
Work done: illustration, lay-out and design[/tagline_box]

Project Details