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Project Description

(hed)p.e. – ‘Forever!’ CD [2016]

Over the years I have done a lot of shirt designs for US band (hed)p.e.. I asked singer Jahred if I could do the artwork for the new upcoming album. He agreed and we discussed the ideas and made it into this. The album is called ‘Forever!’ Jahred told me a lot of times this is the best album cover ever haha! I was even interviewed by Dutch/Belgian metal magazine ‘Rock Tribune’ about my work for (hed)p.e. which was published accompanying an interview with (hed)p.e.. In this interview I also talked about how the artwork for ‘Forever!’ got together. Scans of the article can be found under the ‘about’ menu on my site.

Client: (hed)p.e.
Year: 2016
Label: Pavement Entertainment
Format: CD jewelcase [+8 page/4 square fold out booklet] Discogs link: Forever!

Project Details