(hed)p.e. / various artists – Family Fresh Bonus CD [USA] (2016) 2018-04-26T14:01:08+00:00

Project Description

(hed)p.e. / various artists ‘Family Fresh Bonus CD – Selected by Hed’ CD [2016]

After I designed (hed)p.e.’s ‘Forever!’ artwork, singer Jahred asked me to design the sleeve for a free bonus CD which would be accompanying the ‘Forever!’ CD pre-order. This contains songs of artists who Jahred/(hed)p.e. collaborated with or which (hed)p.e. selected. It was very last minute so I actually used and illustration which I drew back in 2005!

Client: (hed)p.e.
Year: 2016
Label: Pavement Entertainment
Format: CD [carto card wallet] Discogs link: n/a

Project Details