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Project Description

No Turning Back ‘Stronger’ (re-issue) LP/CD [2013]

I already did the lay-out for No Turning Back’s record ‘Stronger’ (both CD and LP) on Reflections Records in 2008. Tattoo artist Bas Kahle did the illustrations for that version. For the re-issue singer Martijn wanted to release it with different artwork, and this time I was in charge of the lay-out and illustrations. For the cover we wanted the same theme as the original version: A lion in fight with a snake.

Client: No Turning Back
Year: 2013
Label: Take Control Records
Format: LP [+ black/white printed insert] Discogs link: 
Stronger [blue vinyl] + no yellow sleeve
Stronger [orange vinyl] Stronger [black vinyl] test press
Stronger [green vinyl] Stronger [digipack CD]

Pressing info:
1st Press 180 grs vinyl LP [2013] – Take Control Records:
#10 Test press
#153 [Yellow + orange mixed] #247 [Solid orange] #100 [Solid blue + solid white] + different ‘no yellow’ artwork
CD [2013] – Take Control Records:
#500 Digipack CD

2nd Press 180 grs vinyl LP [2013] – Take Control Records:
# [Green]

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