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Project Description

Show poster The Sound Of Revolution (2017)

No Turning Back singer Martijn, who is also involved with booking agent Loud Noise, asked me again to design the posters, flyers, banner ads, social media images etc. for the second edition ‘The Sound Of Revolution’.

Client: Loud Noise
Year: 2017
Subject: The Sound Of Revolution:
Sick Of It All, Cr0-Mags, Stars And Stripes, Battery, No Warning, Cold World, Dog Eat Dog, Slapshot, No Turning Back, Back Track, Right Direction, 100 Demons, Wisdom In Chains, Lions Law, Bishops Green, Knuckle Dust, Strength For A Reason, Hawser, Slander, Brick By Brick, This Means War!
Work done: Logo, illustration, lay-out and design

Project Details