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Project Description

Show poster The Sound Of Revolution (2019)

My fourth year designing the posters, flyers, banner ads, social media images etc. for the ‘The Sound Of Revolution’.

Client: Loud Noise
Year: 2019
Subject: The Sound Of Revolution:
Heideroosjes, Shelter, UK Subs, Backtrack, Disturbance, Higher Power, La Inquisición and Diss Guy, The Bruisers, The Bouncing Souls, Youth Of Today, Ignite, Terror, GBH, The Last Resort, No Turning Back, Victims, Death By Stereo, Shutdown, Outburst, Mainstrike, Next Step Up, The Crack, Jesus Piece, The Geeks, Bent Life, Grade 2, Live By The Sword, Foreseen, Eisberg, The Real Danger and Dead Heat.
Work done: Logo, illustration, lay-out and design

Project Details