Slobberin’ Wolfhounds 32nd TFS / FS CNA Patch (2019) 2019-03-27T20:48:36+00:00

Project Description

Slobberin’ Wolfhounds 32nd TFS / FS CNA Patch (2019)

Patch design for former USAFE unit 32nd TFS / FS once based at Camp New Amsterdam (Soesterberg Air Base) in The Netherlands. A wolfhound head was used as the squadrons mascotte, and the nickname of the unit was ‘Wolfhounds’. I turned the nose art of a wolfhound which once appeared on a F-15c Eagle, into a patch design, choose (for me) the perfect colours, fonts, and lay-out. I had actual embroidered patches made from the design as a dedication to the unit as I was (still am) a fan of all things 32nd as a kid.

Year: 2019
Subject: Patch design ‘Slobberin’ Wolfhounds’.



Project Details