T-SHIRT (hed)p.e. ‘Blackout’ (2003) 2020-08-27T21:04:31+00:00

Project Description

(hed)p.e. T-shirt ‘Blackout’ [2003]

T-shirt design for (then) Orange County, CA based band (hed)p.e. aka (hed) planet earth. This design was made just after original guitarist Chizad left the band and was replaced by Snot guitarist Sonny Mayo. Tour schedule on the back. The band also made tour laminates and satins (stick on passes) with the same image on it. Drummer BC put this image on his kick drum head and can be seen in the ‘Blackout’ official video.

 (hed)p.e. [USA] Year: 2003
Subject: ‘Blackout’ t-shirt

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