T-SHIRT (hed)p.e. ‘The Real Thing’ (2016) 2018-04-27T20:15:48+00:00

Project Description

(hed)p.e. T-shirt ‘The Real Thing’ [2016]

T-shirt design for US band (hed)p.e. based on the Coca-Cola logo. The image is based on the traditional Coca-Cola imagery from the 50’s/60’s but shows 3 girls passing along joints. I created this design in 2015 for a collaboration between (hed)p.e. and ‘Cavi-Gold’. It was edited and reprinted to just (hed)p.e. in 2016.

This was silk screen printed in full color.

Client: (hed)p.e. [USA] Year: 2016
Subject: ‘The Real Thing’ t-shirt

Project Details