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Project Description

SNOT T-shirt ‘Fuck The Record Fuck The People’ [2014]

The Santa Barbara, CA based hardcore punk band Snot did a few reunion shows in 2008 with singer Tommy Vext replacing the late Lynn Strait. In 2014, they did it again but this time with Instinct Of Aggression singer Carl Bensley on vocals plus they decided to do not only an US tour but fly over to Europe and Australia to play shows.

My long time friend and Snot bassist John Fahnestock once again approached me to do a design for them for these upcoming tours. After that I got in contact with Snot guitarist Mikey Doling (also from the Belgian band Channel Zero) and Mikey and myself came up with this shirt idea: A brick wall, with the Snot slogan ‘Fuck The Record and Fuck The People’ spray painted on it. Also I made graffiti tags of all song titles from the album ‘Get Some’ on the same wall.

This image was also used on 2 scrims. Mikey wanted to have 2 scrims standing in front of the amps on stage during the tours. We used the same image for this. The art also was used on reunion show flyers and posters and stickers. Here is a video documentary called ‘Absent’ by Her Name Is Murder Productions about Snot where the scrims can be seen:

The shirt had a 2 color (white / gray) silk-screened design on the back and the front had the classic Snot logo on it in 2 colors (white / yellow) all on black shirts.

Year: 2014
Subject: ‘Fuck The Record, Fuck The People’ t-shirt

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